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online Musik: Gringo Gigi Zkittlez Feat 6ix9ine

Künstler: Gringo
Titel: GIGI (ZKITTLEZ) [feat. 6ix9ine]
Album: GIGI (ZKITTLEZ) [feat. 6ix9ine] - Single
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

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There are more than 1 artists with the name Gringo: 1 - In case anyone still needs reminding that California is a sun-drenched paradise with a laid back mentality and great surf, one listen to Gringo’s upcoming album The Shores should be enough to sufficiently drive the point home. The Northern Californian garage rock outfit is the brainchild of San Diego native Ryan Gillespie, who has spent his time to date between Redding and his birthplace embracing those ideals.

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